Application for Singapore Permanent Residence

Applying for PR in Singapore is pretty much important for long-term residence in Singapore. Singapore presents us a lot many reasons for economic viability and long-term growth in the southern Malaysia region. To get permanent residency in Singapore is necessary for those who seek an excellent business opportunity, setting up a business enterprise or become self-employed in Singapore.

For those who seek a stay of more than 90 days to six months, it is advisable to get Singapore PR application. An intending migrant needs to first apply for a residence permit at any of the consular offices of Singapore. Initially, the permits are allowed for a period of 1 to 5 year subject to the circumstances and eligibility of the migrant. There also exists a possibility of an extension on the residency permit depending on the gravity of the reasons mentioned.

Once issued, a residence permit allows the person to enter Singapore to live and work in this republic without a visa. The person is also entitled to the various social and medical benefits as can be availed by any other citizen of Singapore. A residence permit can be issued on any one of the following aspects:-

• To study
• Seek employment / acquire business
• Avail services
• Family reunion
• For a citizen of the European Union

A residence permit doesn’t alone give the immigrant right to enter the European Union countries. It is mandatory to first attain the ‘Permanent Resident’ status as per the immigration policy at EU. The immigrant is required first to show the proof of a stable income that establishes the financial independence of the family. The immigrant should have stayed in any of the European Union countries for a minimum of 5 years with no less than ten months of annual leaves.

The procedure on obtaining the status of ‘Permanent Resident’ starts with submitting the filled application form on the same. The application form must also be accompanied with the life and health insurance policy, a certificate on the availability of residence at Singapore, photograph and other necessary documents on education, professional expertise, marriage or financial stability. The applicants are also required to show a medical certificate issued by a medical authority on the person being free of Tuberculosis, pathogen or any other epidemic. Previously, a Temporary Resident Status can initially be acquired to first settle down in Singapore. After the stay of the five year period under the temporary visa, the immigrant can go ahead and apply for the permanent residence status in Singapore. However, the policy has changed and you can find out more information on many websites such as Immigration Solutions and Singapore Legal and Immigration Consultancy , which also offer to apply for foreigners and have a higher approval rate since they have been doing hundreds of applications.

Singapore has acquired the status of a rightful destination for capital investment and employment generation. The recent listing on ‘Ease of doing businesses’ ranks Singapore on 21st place worldwide thereby making it an attractive destination among the immigrant population. The Republic of Singapore also makes the transition smooth for any intending immigrant to make the workforce more competent of the global requirements. If you follow the above guidelines you will be able to get the Singapore Permanent Residence. So many people have followed the above guidelines and they have been successful in getting a residence, so why not you?