Becoming A Working Immigrant In Singapore

Different professionals have been attracted to Singapore for seasonal entrepreneurship or full-time working in the city. Almost the world now has a representative who is a working immigrant in Singapore a fact that has boosted the economic place of the city and made it more popular. Singapore has one of the perfect policies across the world that guide all the immigrants working within the country making it very convenient for all who intend to go or are already working there.

When you visit Singapore as an immigrant, you will realize the immigrants there have been separated into two major groups. With a variety of work available to be offered in Singapore, both skilled and unskilled labor still give majorly to the economic growth of the country. It, therefore, accommodates the immigrant workers in two different categories making it a destination to consider for any work. The semi-skilled and the unskilled who basically handle manual manufacturing and domestic work are majorly called the foreign workers.

Singapore also hosts a more specialized group of immigrants who are referred to as foreign talent. They are seen as the economic backbone of the country after the fact that they have professional qualifications and relevant skills that are required in Singapore. Foreign talent is meant to fill the gaps in the country’s economy where ability are required.

Whether you are heading to Singapore as a professional or intending to venture into entrepreneurship, you must put in place all the required work permits. Being a commercial hub, it doesn’t limit immigrants as the world now considers it as one of the best destinations for professional to offer some of their services.

The government had put in places pass that every working immigrant in Singapore must have to enjoy working in the country. The pass issued is directly attached to the type of immigrant you are and the monthly earnings that is expected. Different other policies have been set by the government to guide on how immigrants are recruited both for the skilled and the unskilled work needs. Due to the changes in government policies, the pass that was used in the past no longer apply with almost the same rules it had adopted by EP which is being used.

The regulations on EP is set such that all immigrants are given a permit for a duration of between one to two years immediately they start working in the country. When the duration permitted elapses, the immigrant can renew and continue to offer the services to the company where they are employed. The EPs that are provided cuts across both for employment and entrepreneurs where we have Entrepreneur Pass and Employment Pass. The pass that is meant for entrepreneurs run for one year after which they can be renewed should the business remain operational.

Singapore also has regulations set for those looking to work as personalized employees. They enjoy the benefit of changing jobs at will without necessarily having to apply for an EP within a period of six months. Those looking to move the family to Singapore find more meaning on Dependent’s Pass. Those with professional skills and holds a pass can easily qualify for permanent residence of Singapore when they apply.